Sundware Solar air Atlanta Tiny house festival

The United Tiny House Association (originally the Georgia Tiny House Association), who organized the highly successful 2016 & 2017 Georgia Tiny House Festivals, the two world-record 2016 & 2017 Florida Tiny House Festivals, the record-breaking 2017, launched the 3rd Annual (2018) Georgia Tiny House Festival!

Sundware solar air collector was spreading its warmth to all people around. We enjoyed demonstrating the solar air heater to our visitors who passed by it, touched it and felt the hot air physically! It was a sunny day with 50F, Sundware solar air heater was working effectively & intantaneously, pushing air at temperature of 120F all day long!

We thank all the visitors and mainly to the buyers who trust us. We are looking to meet you all next year!

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