Proud to manufacture wide range of Solar air collectorsup to 12 models, SOL-AIR models are our prestigious manufactured products under Energy Saving Equipment. The complete manufacturing process is accomplished in Quebec-Canada and distributed in all North American region.

The high-end solar air products with top performance and elegancy are both our edges in the market, on the hand, the durability & longevity refers to the fruitful harvest of more than 10 years experience in the North-American market by our R&D partner” mc2energy Inc”.

What Is Sundware Solar Air Furnace?

The Sundware solar air heater is an instantaneous heater or air furnace which runs on solar energy. The Sundware comes in two capacities; 1200 watt, and 1600 watt. It simply needs to be fixed on an external wall, in a position where it can receive a good amount of direct sunlight, or on a roof in order to continuously generate heat! On days that are both sunny and cold, which is very common in North America, Sundware can raise the temperature indoors by 50F degrees every cycle. This happens until it reaches the maximum set point of the thermostat.

Why Sundware Solar Air Furnace?

Being an industry leader in manufacturing solar heaters, Sundware prides itself on quality, performance & affordability. Enclosed in the patented, unique aluminum envelope which has no riveting, screws or welding, Sundware is a high-end quality product. The Sundware is one hundred percent (100%) airtight and waterproof. It has an incredible ninety-five percent (95%) solar absorbance factor for its air channels. Sundware guarantees the highest performance and efficiency levels that can reach up to eighty-four percent (84%).

Luxury & Elegance


With the pre-assembled items in the box, we’ve done the job on your behalf so you can set it up in less than an hour. Using the installation map, manual and how-to video you will never find anything easier to assemble than you can imagine!

Installation Video

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