How Sundware Solar Water Works?

Sundware Solar collectors are ideal solutions for Residential hot water systems and are considered maintenance free. They can be integrated with the Residential Domestic hot water tanks to occupy free energy from Sun. Sundware Sol plus models which are designed for very cold climate such as North-American can save 40-50% of the annual energy bills for heating water.

Simply, the Sundware Collectors work by converting the sun radiation into heat( hot water passing inside the copper tubes), which is used heat up an auxiliary Solar tank, the later is storing the hot water overnights due to its high density insulation, and can preheat the domestic hot water tank whenever needed.

Preheating domestic hot water tank has many advantages; it guaranteesinlet water temperature all over the year in higher temperature than the city water. This Differential temperature is enough to cut your energy bills by 40%, in addition that the solar is integrated in smart way with the existed domestic hot water tank without affecting the electric heaters functions, the electric heaters will work normally but less hours to raise the temperature of the water and here is the saving!

In residential Sector, the number of solar collectors count on number of habitants and daily hot water demand. We propose single collector, double collector and triple collectors for large houses.

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