How Sundware Solar Air Works?

Sundware Solar Air models are used ideally to heat indoor spaces in long winter seasons. Sundware Solar air is totally energy free, and depends on Sun to convert sun radiation into heating the circulated air. its quite popular in north Canada where the heating is required for 7-8 months per year.

As per statistics, the sunny days in heating season can be around 30% of the long season, and it’s a proven phenomenon that the sunny days in winter are very cold and humidity is very low, this allows the solar collectors to work at its maximum efficiency.

Due to the fact that the Sun angle much smaller in winter compared to summer time (altitude angle), the ideal position of the solar air collectors is vertically facing the south to absorb much sun radiation during the whole day.

Sundware Solar Air collectors methodology of operation is through circulation the cold air into solar collector and returning it into the room on higher temperature. The main two factors in any solar air is the amount of air circulated (flow rate) which is depends on the fan flow rate from one side , and the differential temperature (DT) from the other side, there is limitations on the high temperature inlet which should be considered and also the fan should have enough pressure to overcome the pressure drop generated inside the collector! One of the common mistakes in the solar industry is installing small fans usually not sufficient to circulate air/not enough flow to the room, in this case, the inlet air temperature will be so high but almost static and will not be sufficient to heat the space.

Two sensors in addition to thermostat control this method of operation by givinga command to the internal fan, which is in its turn, circulates the air once needed. The cold air is sucked from lowest level in the room through one of the diffusers, and then it pushed back the hot air to the room through the other diffuser. Selecting the proper size of solar air collectors can guarantee the maximum performance of the system and ideal time to heat the required space.

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